stuck on "fetching stories"

nondev server (obviously), clicking one of my folders (“generic news”) with 114 posts, never returns. Just hangs on “fetching stories”.

I have stories set to “oldest first”. Need any more details?

Here’s a snapshot from Firebug; it doesn’t seem to be specific to the folder.…


This is still happening, I’ve narrowed it down to three feeds: WebUrbanist, Wired Science, and new releases from O’Reilly. Help?

I experience this more often when I have the setting to view only the unread stories.

Ted, I’m loading Wired Science on your account and it’s coming through OK. Next time it happens, and since you know how to use the inspector, show me the Console. That will show an exception and it will be critical to resolving the bug, especially as I can’t reproduce it.

I deleted and restarted the Wired Science feed. It was coming from feeds.wired or feeds.feedburner or something, and newsblur thought that was a dead feed; I note the new URL is different- perhaps the problem is dealing with marking stories as read on dead feeds?

Samuel, I tried looking with Firebug from Firefox when I experienced this problem but I couldn’t get anything. All I got was messages like this: [“Setting refresh interval to every 1200 seconds.”], [“Real-time feed update”, “1020595”, undefined]. And nothing happening when I press “n”.

Can you suggest what I should look for? Should I use “Developer tools” from Chrome?