Stuck at "Everything is on its way" in the side bar

I just signed up for the premium subscription because I was interested in the saved search feature, and I am annoyed with my current feed service. I’ve been busy importing feeds and cleaning up dead subscriptions.

I am also trying to figure out how to save a search. I couldn’t figure out how, and then in the process of poking around, the site got stuck on spinning its wheels. I tried refreshing the page, but it’s been stuck with the sidebar showing “Everything is on its way” with a spinner for 5 or 10 minutes now. I’ve tried refreshing again and even a different browser (first Safari, then Chrome), but no luck.

What happened? Did I break my account somehow?

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Sorry about that! It looks like it was due to a bug in the new saved searches feature. One of your folder searches wasn’t showing up correctly. Fixed and deployed, you should now be good.

Thanks, I appreciate the response! It may have been because I renamed the folder that I was running the search on. Also, I have been so far kind of confused as to whether a particular action is actually taking place.

Now that I can get back into my feeds, though, I am still not sure how to save a search, or if it’s working correctly. I selected the folder and entered my search terms. I see the “save search” button in the search status bar. But nothing happens when I click it. Thoughts?