strikehroughs from nowhere

How about the weirdness in page rendering when items display twice, first with a strike-through and then a second time normally. holy shit this is annoying. I’m about 3 occurrences of this away from going anywhere else.

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The easiest solution is to turn off story changes in Manage > Preferences. I agree that this can be annoying. I’m thinking about turning story changes off by default. It’s really nice to know when a story is being edited, but that’s the the “Track Changes” button in the top-right of a story does.

Anyway, the best fix for this is to just turn off story changes.

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I didn’t know what was going on at first with all the strike-throughs, once it clicked though I really enjoy this feature.

Possibly it should be disabled by default though, as it’s not obvious at first what’s going on, especially when images repeat.

Yeah, I just disabled it by default. It’s a really neat feature, but it doesn’t need to be everywhere. The little button in the top-right of each story that has any modifications will allow you to see what’s going on. That button will only show up if the story has any modifications, so it will have an actual purpose if you see it, which will be nice.