Story view takes me offsite.

When switching the Science Dialy feed (…) to Story View I get sent to the Science Daily website. As in, I’m not on Newsblur anymore and can’t return back to it either (for more than a second) because it loops me back onto the Science Daily site.

The issue came up shortly after the launch I think (or around that time), it was working fine before. Original View works fine. It seems to be happening with all the Science Daily feeds (I deleted the rest of their feeds by now, but it used to happen to them too). I seem to remember I used to get a message about the site having changed location (or something around those lines?) for a short while, before the issue started coming up.

I had other (unrelated?) issues too, with the story and original views, but most seem resolved by now. The Bitch Blogs feed for example played up for a while, now story view works fine, original doesn’t (I get the html).

Anyway, there goes. Any ideas?

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They use an iframe buster. Not much we can do, really. They are purposefully breaking out of NewsBlur. You’ll just have to stick with the Feed view.

I see. Annoying.

As always, much appreciated that you took the time to look into it.

I have a solution that involves blacklisting the site from the Original/Story view. I do this for,, and stack Unfortunately, it doesn’t scale particularly well. Try adding and see the messaging that I use.

I’d like to make a better way to identify iframe breakers and just blacklist them, but easier said than done.