Story View not working

Story view not working in Firefox for the past few hours but OK in Internet Explorer. I prefer Firefox. Some way to figure out why it stopped working?

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Came here with the same problem, and Sam’s solution worked for me. Thanks.

Could you help please? I can’t find the lock on the address bar. Some direction please.
Thank you.

Thanks, Sam. Firefox had started to block content on the Newsblur site. The warning message explained it was because “This website does not supply ownership information”. I had to over ride the security setting for this site only.

It would be just to the left of the http

Further to my, I Googled the mixed content blocking feature of Firefox and it seems to have mixed reviews. I realize it’s a security feature but, to use it on Newsblur, it would have to be turned off each and every time. It can be disabled permanently this way:

  1. go to about:config
  2. find security.mixed_content.block_active_content
  3. toggle it off

If there was a white list that we could add exceptions to, I’d do that but it’s all or nothing.

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Thanks Donna!

Thank you.

Probably due to mixed content warnings. You can re-enable them but clicking the lock next to the address bar.