Story updates shown when they shouldn't be

Since the recent updates to the Show Story Changes feature, I’m sometimes seeing story changes when I shouldn’t be; I’ve disabled it in my settings and haven’t overridden anything on a per-site basis. In fact, the story displays a “Show story changes” link in the header instead of a “Hide” link (see screencap for an example).

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I’ve seen this happen on reddit at least when someone uses strikethrough while writing, and I suppose some publishers might want to use it to indicate changes made on their posts. Have you checked if the post on the webpage has the strikethrough?

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Ah, you’re correct. The strikethrough 

Yeah, it is a bad assumption on NewsBlur’s part. Unfortunately I’m using lxml’s html diff library and it won’t let me change the style attribute on del/ins tags without also changing those that come naturally from the story. If the author wants to strike through text, they should be using the ‘s’ tag, not the ‘del’ tag.

I’m still seeing story changes pre-enabled in peoples’ shared stories. Regular feed stories look okay so far.

Looks like it’s also happening in my own saved stories.