Story refreshing/repainting when switching tabs

I use NewsBlur entirely to sort through blogs that have embedded audio in their stories, usually iframes. What I like to do is start playing the audio from a story, then change tabs in my web browser. The audio keeps playing at this stage.

However, often when I return to the NewsBlur tab, the feed frame refreshes/reloads/repaints, and thus the audio or video embed stops. This has always been the case, most often it does not reload but lately it seems to reload almost everytime I return to the tab.

Is this the intended behavior? If so, could you point me towards a way I could turn it off? I’m happy to install a userscript if you can point out the function to neutralise?

Happens on Chrome/Firefox on Win7 & Chrome/Firefox on OS X ML, all latest. Both in Split/List view and Feed/Original mode.


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That shouldn’t be the case. There is only one adjustment made when you come back, and it’s the same one as if you manually resize the window. Try playing audio and then resizing the window. If it stops playing, I don’t know if I can help you. If it continues to play, then something else must be going on with the browser because NewsBlur is only firing the resize command.

Got it in one! Hadn’t noticed that before, the resize does repaint/reload or whichever the frame, causing the audio to stop. I also notice it scrolls back to the top of that particular story. So whatever is happening on the resize thing seems to intermittently happen when switching tabs (more often when it’s been a while since leaving that tab). All browsers.

Could I possibly disable whatever that does?

Thanks for the quick reply by the way