Story list for feed lists read items even when set to unread only (some feeds only)

My feed list includes read items even if it’s set to unread only.

It happens consistently with some feeds (for example, Boing Boing, attached). It’s frustrating because if I view an entire folder, they appear there and sort of break the whole reading experience.

On some feeds I did some dance of insta-fetching stories, marking all as read, deleting the feed, re-adding the feed and they started not doing this (I think an example that worked on for me is TechCrunch). But some this hasn’t helped on.

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I’m having this trouble, too. Boing Boing also used to be one of the feeds that did this. It seems to have gotten better but The Verge still exhibits this behavior. I have to hit “Next Unread” to skip past a huge number of stories that I’ve already seen.