Story list can take some time to render

On feeds that have training, the story list can take quite some time to begin to render – say, 10+ seconds?  For example, I subscribe to the New York Time home page.  When I clicked on it today there was a lot of flashing and so on right at the top with the little progress bar thingy, and eventually it rendered two stories.  I just did a timing and it was 18 seconds on chrome 49/Linux.  I can also see this when I click on “focus” to see those stories.  My training for the NY Times home page has 31 downvoted keywords, 1 downvoted author, 1 upvoted author, 110 downvoted categories and tags, and two upvoted categores and tags.  I suspect that this may be the problem. :slight_smile:

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Can you post a full browser screenshot so I can see what exactly is rendering? Do you have any browser extensions? Those are almost always the culprit, esp. ad blockers.

Okay, here’s a screenshot from this morning.  Interestingly, today it’s rendering very quickly, so I’m not sure what the difference is.  I _do_ have an ad blocker installed. I use it just for the NYTimes feeds, actually, so only on Newsblur.  I have several extensions, but they’re all passive except for the ad blocker.  If it starts to go slowly again I’ll try disabling it and see if there is an immediate change. 

Sorry about the reproducibility problem. Who knows, maybe another tab was sucking up the CPU. I will post back here with any further observations.