"Story Layout - Split" style options also affect full view

After a recent update, it appears the “Story Layout - Split” style options (at least the last row of alignment options) also affects other view modes like Full.

Affects at least Firefox and Chrome on macOS.

Hah, you caught me. That’s basically design debt that I punted on in favor of shipping the new Magazine view (and associated centering layout). Truth is a few of those controls work on multiple views. The whole dialog needs a refactoring and I’m not sure how to do it.

One idea I’ve had is to only show the controls that have an effect on the current view. But I don’t love that as it lowers discoverability. Another idea is to dim the controls that have no effect on the current view. But it’s alreeady becoming a bit tall and I have other ideas on how to add to the Style popover but I can’t let it get taller. So likely is a third idea that involves tabs or hiding sections. But now it is no longer a quick style menu.

If you go into the Preferences dialog, you’ll see a few other settings that would do better in the Style menu, but now I’ve nowhere to put them.

Know that I’m noodling on it regularly and plan to do something about it sooner or later. For now, some controls are specific to your account and others are specific only to a view.

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