Story Feed Reaching End Prior to Last Post

Happens in Newest First as well, but only on single feeds. I believe I found the bug for folders, but I can’t deploy it until tonight. I’ll update this thread then.

Hey Samuel - just thought I’d check on the status of this. Is a fix still in the works?

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This should be working as expected. I just tested it out and counts are working correctly since the last two weeks.

It’s still doing it (the problem) for me

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Still happening to me too. It shows roughly half of the stories, refresh, then about half of the remaining, refresh, etc.
127 – 61 – 27 – 10 – 0
In this case, I had to refresh 3 times to see all of the stories.

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Same here. This has been happening since the redesign and it has been driving me mad.


This bug is still present when reading Oldest First / Unread only. I fixed it for both Newest first and for All Stories. I’ll see what I can do about getting this one fixed soon.

Still having the problem on Newest-Unread

Can also confirm this remains problematic for me with Unread / Newest first.

Ok, I just launched a fix. It looks like I broke this on June 23rd, so about a month of this happening. But now both Oldest first and Newest first in Unread only on single feeds should load all stories correctly. Let me know how that works out.

Seems to be fixed. Thank-you.

Hi, this appears to be fixed now. I’ve tried IOS and Firefox desktop and all unread articles are loaded in one go now.


Agreed, seems to be fixed now, thanks @samuelclay for getting this rolled out

I still have to refresh to get more articles on some feeds (main for example). The most I’ve had to hit refresh it once which is an improvement over the previous situation. In the second batch, I’m getting articles from yesterday so I don’t think it’s just the feed being updated, especially on a popular one like this.

Is it possible this issue has unintentionally reared its head again? This morning I have had several individual fees (all unread-newest) that took multiple clicks to read through.

Looks like I can replicate this for single feeds in Unread Only if I also have another browser window open to NewsBlur and that window is counting unreads. Check if you have multiple windows open. That would temporarily fix it, but I agree it should work past this. This is the last issue of the archive launch and I’m going to fix it ASAP.

You are definitely correct, I had it open on another machine in a tab. With it closed, I can no longer duplicate.

Anyone else seeing this problem again? I have triple checked that I don’t have any sessions open on any other PC. I definitely use Newsblur on multiple PCs (and a mobile device) but have been careful to close when done and just double checked before duplicating this:

Feeds are being read individually, in Feed view, sorted by Unread-Newest.

Just another example. I see this maybe about once a day, in both Firefox and Edge (this screenshot is Edge, I believe the other one I sent was Firefox).

Site is not open on my other PC. Mobile app isn’t currently open (was last used yesterday sometime).

Any updates on this? This is still happening.

Single site showing unread only. I do have Newsblur open on my laptop as well, but it should currently be in hibernate mode.