Story appearing on multiple feeds in the same directory is not marked read on all feeds

Hi. This is related to the Titles missing from the story list pane story. The problem with the missing stories when Newsblur encountered the same story on multiple feeds looks like it’s fixed. But now, there’s still the problem of the stories not getting marked as read on all the feeds that contain them in the same directory.

Here’s a way to reproduce it:

  1. make a new directory
  2. put these feeds in it: ,
  3. read the stories in folder view. The story “The Next Step” by Allan Day appears in both feeds. You will notice that it gets marked as read only in one of the feeds.
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Hmm, I have both feeds in a folder now, but I can’t seem to find the story. This is a pretty obscure error, so it may not get fixed immediately, but if I see it, I’ll take a crack at it.