Stories still failing to load in version 3.5.5 of the Android app.

This complaint was buried in another one of my threads, so I’ve decided to put it here.

Note that this applies to version 3.5.5 of the NewsBlur app, which I’m running on an unlocked UK Motorola Moto G running Android version 4.4.2 KitKat.

With that, here’s the bug.

I have several folders, each with several feeds. When I click on a folder to view all the unread items inside, I can swipe through a handful of stories, but then all of a sudden I’m unable to load any more items.

To fix the issue, I need to hit the back button twice and then re-click the folder.

A) Do you acknowledge this issue exists?
B) When do you think it will be fixed?

For the record, this bug didn’t exist in version 3.0 of the app.


I’m seeing this too.

Are you seeing this in all modes or just unread-only?

Does this happen only in folders or with individual feeds, too?

Are you premium?

I never use the other modes.

Yes, it happens both in folders and individual feeds.

Yes, I am a premium member.