Stories Showing Up Again After Marking Them Read

Lately, the same stories are showing up over and over again in my feed.  I have my account configured to show only unread articles.  I use the ‘j’ button to move down the list, which marks each story read.  However, in a subsequent visit, or sometimes after a refresh, several of those stories show up again. Sometimes, I’ll have to mark the same story read 3 or more times.


Been having the same problem all morning as well. Used to see this a lot with newsblur a few months ago but it was fixed and has cropped back up again this morning.

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I have been having the same problem since yesterday. Now the feed doesn’t load and keeps saying NewsBlur is down. Any ETA?

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I’ve fixed the issue (turns out it was mongo using the wrong index, hundreds of times a second). Everything should be good again.


Thanks Samuel!