Stories not displayed in IE9 after recent upgrade

Looks like after the front-end upgrade, IE9 cannot display any stories. In the list of feeds, I see the counts updated, but when I click on any feed, there is nothing displayed on the right. :frowning: [fwiw, IE 10 is fine!]


Bump? I know IE9 is not a high traffic generator, but at the moment I have to crank-start it everytime - run dev.newsblur in quirks mode and then switch it back to standards mode, in order to see the list of feeds :frowning:

The problem is that I only have IE8 in XP and it runs fine there. Not sure what could cause it, but I need to buy Win7 to test it. I’ll be doing that later this week after the features are built and I’m in pre-launch testing mode.

It runs fine on IE10 as well (on Win8). Just so happens that IE9 seems to have issues right after you announced the front-end rewrite. Like I said, I can force my way out by tinkering with the IE settings but it’s less than ideal of course.


Have you tried using Chrome Frame? While I don’t use Newsblur in IE, Chrome Frame does fix a lot of other issues that IE tends to have with some sites I use for work:

I am aware of Chrome Frame, but I do run Safari on Windows as my alternate browser and I can ignore the issue by simply switching out the browser. I try to work with web devs to see if they can fix whatever code may be blocking IE9 from displaying the page correctly. Usually it is some browser-sniffing code vs feature-detection. If I end up using a different browser, web devs will end up not caring much about fixing their code :slight_smile:

I know one person doth not an audience make, but I do my part in sticking to basic principles. :slight_smile:

When I ran IE8, which was horribly standards-non-compliant, I ran FF and Chrome side-by-side as well. IE9 though, is _very_ compliant, so I feel it is unfair to switch browser because a site does not display properly in IE9.

Makes sense?

Yeah, I’m fully committed to making IE9 shine. But that means I have to get it running on a VM soon.

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I am willing to show all the patience because I know you are committed. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that, because it now works perfectly. Let me know if everything runs smooth. Thanks for your patience. I tried to fix this last week, but my fix went untested, since I didn’t have IE9 yet.

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THANK YOU! It works!