Stories marked as read while scrolling—not fixed in v9.0?

I’m using NewsBlur on my iPad (circa late 2017) on iOS 12.3.1. I had noticed an issue on the prior release that while scrolling the list of unrelated stories, they were being auto-marked as read, which wasn’t desirable. I was happy to see that in NewsBlur v9.0, among the list of fixes was “Fixes for marking stories as read while scrolling the story titles list.”

Now that I’ve updated to v9.0, I’m still seeing the issue that articles are being marked as read simply by scrolling the list of unread articles on the left-hand list above the top margin. Was this truly fixed?

I welcome other observations and fix information on this topic.

Thanks, David

The fix was for a minor bug where stories wouldn’t be marked as read while the next page of stories was being loaded.

In your case, you should turn off the preference.