Stories automatically being marked as read without me actually viewing them

Hi. I’ve posted this problem multiple times in the old get satisfaction board - it has been going on for months. It still hasn’t been addressed. As this makes me go to the individual sites to read news, newsblur is pretty worthless for me. If you can’t/won’t address this, could you please refund my paid subscription?

To summarize, below is what is going on:

New stories on my feeds are automatically being marked as read before I read them
This only seems to happen during the day when I’m at work. At work I run windows on a mac using chrome. I don’t experience the same problem when my computer is off and I only use newsblur on my iphone.
ZeroHedge and Newsblur are examples of the feeds this is happening to.
This is a really frustrating problem because I have to manually review each article to tell if I’ve read this - defeating the main reason I have the service.

I’m going to reply to this on the original thread: Newsblur Feeds Automatically Marking Stories As Read - Still problem