Stories are marked as read automatically after a specific amount of time?

I set up a Newsletter section, and have been noticing that the number of unread items has been going down.

I’ve got it set up so items are marked as read as I scrolll. I know that I haven’t gone into the specific Newsletter section or chosen to view all RSS items and scrolled passed any Newsletter specific sources.

Is Newsblur set up to mark items as read, or have them removed after specific amount of time?

Unread stories are only tracked for 14 days with a free account or 30 days with a premium account.
Not certain, but this probably applies to newsletters as well seeing how they are treated as feeds in every other way besides how now items are added.

You’re in luck, I just launched a new premium tier called NewsBlur Premium Archive and it’s available on It gives you the ability to set an automatic mark as read date, which for free users is 14 days and premium users is 30 days. A premium archive subscription lets you set it to any date, including never.

@samuelclay great to hear! Looking at the source, I can see that stories cutoff for Premium Archive is set to 10k stories. Is this level here to stay or do you maybe still plan tweaking it, as this is still in beta?

Good catch. I’m waiting til a feed hits that limit so I can see why. Even the busiest of feeds only has backfill up to 5k stories. That’s a whole lot of stories. But besides, it’s only a stop gap for now and I plan on upping that to 100k soon as a single feed hits that limit.