Store preferred browser

Newsblur for Android uses the system wide preferred browsers. If you have multiple browsers, you typically do not set a system-wide preference.

When reading Newsblur, this is annoying because you have to select the browser every time (two clicks and a certain delay.)

It would be cool if you could specify a default browser for Newsblur, or if you could read the content in the Newsblur app itself. Not sure if it’s feasible, but you can embed Chrome, like the Lastpass app.

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Do any other apps do this? In iOS I have it, but it’s easy to figure out if the user has Chrome installed.

What version of Android are you running?

In 4.4 this first time I click the story title or a link in the story itself I need to select which browser to use but I can then select to always use that browser and it never prompts me again.

Not aware of any other apps that have this. Newsblur is the only app from which I open a ton of URL’s :slight_smile:

Using Android 4.3. I can set the browser and perhaps I should.

I think this is now a standard Android feature if you have multiple apps installed that can handle a particular request.

For example, the first time I click a link to an article on the Guardian web site I will get prompted in the same way to select whether I want to open the article in a browser or the Guardian app itself.