Still you don't wanna add search feature?


Of course I do. It’s even stubbed out in a branch. But it’s hard. In fact, to keep a search index updated in real-time is expensive and time consuming to build. One day I’d like to make it happen, but not enough people would even use it that I think it’s worthwhile just yet.


Sad to read that search is not anymore a feature planned.

Yes. I need this too! Badly! I have over 800 saved stories in which I can’t find anything right now.

Yes, those should be much cheaper to index, but even if the index updates in near-time (however near), that would be handy. If I have saved an entry in the last day or so, I usually don’t need a search to find it again, so near time needn’t even mean just, say, five minutes.

Whoosh and Haystack should work great with Django, but if you want it to be hugely scalable, ElasticSearch is of course much recommended too.

Maybe you’ll be reviewing that response now you have lots of extra customers all of whom are used to using a search function with Google Reader

I think Newsblur is brilliant - but I NEED a search function

I do understand that you’re running to keep up with the deluge of new customers at present. However I’d love to hear you’ve got ‘search’ back on the agenda for a future development

I’ve never understood why you would search through your feeds. Why not just search the site from a regular google search?

If you are struggling with search I would recommend you look at solr. It’s fairly easy and not to resource intensive to get a search running with that. I’d be happy to give you any help if you needed it.

If you are planning on updating the index in realtime or neartime, I’d rather recommend ElasticSearch (but see my comment above).

search for starred and shared things at least would be cool :slight_smile: