Sticky story/text by feed stopped working

Story/text is no longer sticky by feed.

Android version 6.0.1, Nexus 6p stock Android 7.1.2 (N2G48B).

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We just in this last version changed things so that it should be sticky both when toggling it from the menu *and* when toggling it by using the overlay button (the latter used to be temporary).  Did you mabye flip using the overlay and swap it back?

If not and you can change the setting, back out of the feed, return to the feed, and send us an in-app bug report, it would be very handy.onbeforeunload = function() {};onunload = function() {};onbeforeunload = function() {};onunload = function() {};

I never even realized you could set it other than in the overlay button, so that’s the only place I’d ever done it.

Since there are a couple of places you can change the setting, I’m not sure just what sequence you want me to use.

Here’s another example of how it can go wrong:

  1. Go into a folder
  2. In menu, default view is story
  3. Open a story
  4. Use overlay to change to text view
  5. Android back arrow to folder feed
  6. In menu, default view is now text

So this is how “sticky” is intended to work.  In steps 1-3 the folder is in story mode.  In step 4 you change to text mode.  In steps 5-6 it remains “stuck” in text mode.

Basically, no matter where you change mode for a feed or folder, the change sticks.

(bear in mind the slightly confusing fact that the overlay button indicates which mode you will switch to if you tap it, not which mode you are currently in)

Ok, but the description on the Google Play store says that it’s sticky by feed, and that’s not what you just described. You’re saying it’s sticky across feeds, not per feed. Sticky per feed means that the last thing you set a feed to sticks for that feed alone. Changing one feed in a folder shouldn’t change the folder or any other feed in the folder, that makes all those other ones non-sticky. Having one feed change an entire folder is a terrible, terrible choice.

Say you have 20 feeds in a folder, some of which work better as story and some as text. You hit the overlay button in a story once by accident and they’re all borked. Or a publisher changes something so the other view is better - hit the overlay button and, again, all you other feeds have to be reset. Except you can’t do it the easy way because you don’t dare touch the overlay.

It was so nice flipping through stories without having to constantly switch views, breaking that is a serious downgrade.

It should definitely still be sticky both by feed and by folder.  This behaviour has not changed.  Each individual feed and folder has its own setting for story order, unread filtering, and view mode.  If this does break for you, definitely send us an in-app bug report!

Ok, the problem I have is that the folder setting is trumping feed setting, which means that the feed setting isn’t really sticky. It’s only sticky in when you access the feed view.

That might be how it’s supposed to work, but it seems like an odd choice. It’s likely that a folder will contain a mix of feeds that work in text view and not story (e.g., Naked Capitalism, and some that work better the other way around (e.g., Grasping Reality, Having feed-level settings would be a better user experience.

Yep, folders have one setting and feeds have another.  I believe it follows the same conventions as the website, but I’ll need to double check.  If there is any consensus that it should be changed so that it is only set by feed, it would be a fairly quick fix!

edit: looks like the website does something closer to what you are asking, but I’m not sure if that is dependent on settings somehow.  I think I agree that setting view mode by folder doesn’t make much sense.  Unless anyone has a counter-argument, I’ll try to get this into the next beta.