I love newsblur but one thing I miss is statistics regarding my reading. It would be so great to see how many stories I read on a day, how many i skipped, and this could be by feed or global. Think that you will add this someday?


Yes, this is a fantastic idea. I haven’t yet decided on what will be reasonable to keep track of. It’s one thing to count stories read (and on a per feed basis), but I’d love to see something interesting happen with that data. Eventually I’ll do it. I think it’ll be part of my discoverability features that I’m planning for the next year.

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For me the extras would be:

  • Number of stories per day;

  • Number of stories per feed;
    These two are simple.

  • % per Number of stories in a feed I read completely;

  • % per Number of stories in a feed I read partly;
    These two allow me to see if I’m really getting value of that feed.

  • Feed last updated when;
    So I can see if this feed is dead or no.

All this data will allow you to do a great thing, that is recommendations of the type:

  • Users that have this and this feeds, usually also have this feed. Do you want to subscribe to it?
  • In every 100 articles you only read completely one of them, do you want to unsubscribe from this feed?

All good ideas. I’m starting to see this feature as something that may be part of the Organizer that I’m building.

Here we are 9 months later and we don’t have anything for this so I will kick it up to the top. There are at last three other reads on the topic, as well:………

This is the kind of thing that is useful every few months to help weed out feeds. I wanted to do it today.

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I’m actively working on it. It’s the only active feature I have in development. It’s a very, very nice organizer. I may try to finish it this week. Or at leasst get the usable portion shipped, which has various stats, move/delete feed actions, and an easy way to choose whole folders.

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