Spotlight On User Blogs

I assume that a certain percentage of NewsBlur users run either personal or professional sites/blogs. It would be sweet to see an item on the dashboard/welcome page where you can scroll through a list of sites run by other NewsBlur members. Such an item could pull from two new entries on a user’s account page: a site address field and site description field. It would be nice to share stuff with other people who, based on a lot of the blurblogs and shares, might have similar interests in common.

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Sort of like a “Claim Blog” feature where you can somehow claim to own a blog and then get to either change certain things about the blog (like URL) and highlight stories (1-2 per month) that you feel should be highlighted.

We kind of have the highlighting of stories with shares, although there is no weight to a share. I think it might be more interesting to showcase stories that are shared or read by many users, but the sharing system kind of does this already.