Split view bug: Show only one story.

I noticed a small bug this morning when reading my feeds in split view. Using the arrow keys I plow through a long list of unread items. Only one topic is displayed at a time, since I have the option “Show a single story at a time” checked. When I reach the point in the list, where it has to load more topics, new topics are loaded in the list, but the feed view is displayed as if “sow all stories” is checked. Pressing the down key one more time goes to the next story and then only displays the selected story. This bug doesn’t happen every single time though.
What does happen every time, is if I have a story selected and manually drag the scroll bar to the bottom to load new feeds. Then all stories are displayed instead of only the one selected.

I hope i explained this well enough for you to understand. If not, I will try and explain it a bit better.


Yeah, I need to go in and fix the Single Story mode setting. It’s wonky in other ways, too.