Split view borked (can't use bottom pane to navigate posts in top pane!)

Split view is not working at all for me today. If I select the title of a post on the bottom pane it just marks it as read–it doesn’t actually display the post in the top pane. Nor can I use the j/k or up/down keyboard shortcuts to display the next post in the top pane (again, the only thing they do is mark the next post as read in the bottom pane). The only way to see posts below the top one is to scroll through the top pane–and then, of course, posts I’ve scrolled past don’t get marked as read on the bottom pane, so I have to both manually scroll through to read the posts and THEN go through each of them in the bottom pane to mark them as read. I’ve refreshed the page a few times and the problem persists.

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Are you on dev.newsblur.com?

What’s your browser/OS?



Try now, I just fixed the Text view, but I can’t reproduce your issue, so I have a feeling it was related.

Do you have any preferences turned on like single-story-mode?

Apparently I did, but I can’t recall changing that preference–I didn’t even know it was there. Turning it off fixed it, thanks!

Now fixed. Thanks for reporting it!