Spam posts in a news feed (that weren't in the original feed)

One of the feeds that I use NewsBlur to read ( has 11 non-English spam posts dated Dec 18 2015. These posts don’t show up in the original newsfeed and the author says they didn’t have any issues with unauthorized logins or publishing. How did these junk posts make it into the NewsBlur feed?


I’ve got the same problem with the feed from Opera Desktop (

The feed here seems clean when accessing from the browser, but I’ve got a bunch of spam entries in Newsblur (cf. screenshot).

The spam entries are mostly from three URL : 

 - - -
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Screenshots: always a smart idea! Here’s what I’m seeing…

If you have the url (with the feed id number in the url) then I can easily clear them. It’s due to a database corruption bug we encountered late last week, which is now fixed.

Here ya go:

It’s no big deal. It sounds like you folks are on top of the problem. Thanks!

Here’s mine :

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Ok, both feeds (as well as others) have now been fixed. I wrote up a little script to automate this, so if you also see a feed with stories from another feed, let me know and I can clean it right up.

Is it possible this corruption happened again? I’m seeing spam posts in NewsBlur that aren’t in the original feed. Two showed up this morning, back-dated from February 11 and 14.

Can you share the url of the feed? And share the story titles that shouldn’t be in the feed.

More likely it was in the feed and is no longer. Who knows what their CMS is doing. But NewsBlur doesn’t inject ads.

I linked the URL you requested above - it automatically turned into the text “NewsBlur” but it’s linking to the Yubico feed with its Newsblur ID, 3894232. The post titles are, uh… “Tips On How To Find out the Right Filipina Wife” and “Texas Man Killed Filipina Better half, Stored Body In Fridge” :frowning: I know NewsBlur doesn’t inject ads, but it’s the feed of a security company with a pretty good track record, and the posts didn’t show up when I downloaded their feed, so my first thought was that it could be the type of corruption mentioned in this thread, though it’s possible it was a hack.