Source of the pictures

One simple question: From where do Newsblur client get the pictures in the articles? The Newsblur server or the websites of the RSS feeds?

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Right click -> inspect element, it’s coming from the original server.

Would have taken you less time to check for yourself than it took to post here.

Hi Stephen, the images are sourced from either the story itself, if there are any images found in the feed, or from the original story itself (found in the Text view or Story view). NewsBlur will attempt to extract the image found in the Text view if none are found in the feed’s content. 

By the way David, I’m happy that you’re providing information, but in this case I think you can offer your support without negative remarks. And in fact the question Stephen was asking was different, as I could tell what Stephen is asking about has to do with the origin of the image urls in the first place because sometimes stories can have images that you don’t immediately see in the feed. 

Thank you, Samuel. Now I can understand this issue.