Sort items in River Of News by feed

Another option, to sort unread items in the All Site Stories River by Feed, then by age, would be really handy.

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This wouldn’t be difficult technically, but I’m not sure there’s enough people who want it to devote the dev time and support time to building it.

OK, it’s me again, the grid-view-devotee (-:
The grid-view is perfect for a quick scroll-through. Using it feed per feed is unsuitable, cause “mark as read when scrolled past” doesn’t open the next feed, so in my case I would have to move the mouse (max.) 144 times to the left. Using this method folder per folder reduces the number of mouse-pushes to seven (seven folders here), but I am too lazy to do that, either (and it doesn’t solve the subsequently described problem, too). So, I got accustomed to the BIG river of news, i. e. having  a look at ALL unread stories (by clicking on “all site stories”). In this scenario it would be fine to sort by feeds: Revising (say) 500 new stories, sorted from oldest to newest (or vice versa), could be way easier if they were presented in a non-disruptive way (“Ah, interesting, the new album from Sufjan Stevens… ok, next one. Uh, 100 people killed when…” You get the idea.).

Yes, the grid view would be perfect for this. I’ll think about this. Anyboy else want to see this feature?

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