Sort inactive blogs into special folder

What I would love to see is the ability to have a (smart)folder in which all feeds go that have been inactive for x amount of time. If a new post appears in the feed, the feed becomes “active” again and goes back to the folder where I sorted it while it was active before.

Would that be possible?


This will be a part of the upcoming batch organizer.

A possible alternative would be to do what Feedly does, which is to have an optional “two-stage” folder open. If this is turned on, then the first click to expand a folder will simply show all of the feeds in the folder that have unread items, plus a link at the bottom to expand all feeds. And if that link is then clicked, it expands fully, to show the full list of feeds in the folder.

It took a tiny bit of getting used to, but I am now a HUGE fan of that approach.

Wait, never mind, that option already exists! The “Unread” option in the footer bar! :slight_smile: