Sort feeds by hand -- new user unhappy that it is not yet there

Any way to reorder feeds by hand, rather than just take the alphabetic default. If not, I may ask for a refund – this is pretty important to my style of reading. I guess I assumed a bit too much – elementary capabilities before fancy ones like “sort by use”.

Ah, I see it was “on the priority list” a year ago. OK, I will try “sort by use”, but if that does not satisfy me, what is your refund policy?

I guess I could make a folder for my “top” feeds. But I really like the sliding scale – I order my feeds by interest and then go as far down as I have time for at a given moment. Yes, I am “feed/source oriented” rather than a river rat.

Thanks. --David


I agree. There should be a manual sort option. Google Reader has this, and almost every desktop RSS client has this. Doesn’t have to be a fancy drag ‘n’ drop UI, but the feature should be there.

It’s planned, but not as high of a priority as some other features (offline and search, for instance).

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The quick answer, but he way, is to add a number to the beginning of the feeds you want at top. I plan on building an Organizer that will allow you to batch edit feeds as well as move them around with drag-and-drop.

I too find this to be an important but missing capability. After years of using Reader, I tend to read my feeds from top to bottom, and they’re sorted approximately in order of importance (of course with several sibling groups). Each time I open Reader I start at the top and work my way down. So far in Newsblur, I have to move around more deliberately to match this prioritized reading order.

Samuel, I also think this is a very important feature. Please try to prioritize it. Check how does it.

Any chance we could see this feature soon? I switched back from AOL Reader because the native iOS app makes for a much better experience over a web app, but I still miss the ability to customize the order.

I’m now sketching out the next big features. Custom sort order may make it, finally.

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After waiting for over a year for the sort feature I have switched to INOREADER.
With Inoreader feed sorting is available, and Inoreader can be setup just like NewBlur.
Sorry NewBlur.

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