Hi, I am getting this error when using ‘TEXT’ mode on 9 of 10 articles for any feed.
This was one of the crucial features why I’ve subscribed for newsblur, and it doesnt quite work now. 90% of times i have to switch to full story mode to read, but it was nice while it worked.

Is it possible that you fix this?



Similar problem:…

This sometimes happens to me. I have found that refreshing the NewsBlur tab fixes it most of the time.

Wait, what? Refreshing fixes the issue? That doesn’t sound good. Can you post the URL of the site and perhaps the story title?

Yeah, your recent commits apparently broke some of my feeds too. (Refreshing doesn’t help.)

My username is menakite.

Fixed by your recent commits - I mean, wrong encoding before, finally fixed now:

Working before, wrong encoding now:
* all other feeds in the “Il Sole 24 ore” folder

Working before, getting “Sorry the story’s text could not be extracted” now:

In my case, it’s the Drudge Report feed. That makes this extremely unhelpful information because that is a pretty wonky feed to start with (even back in my GR days),… The links there go to any of dozens (hundreds?) of sources. I do know on some occasions I have had it not load the Text, marked it as unread, reloaded NewsBlur and had it work. I may not be your best test case. I stress the hell out of my browser with dozens of tabs & lots of add-ons and sometimes memory runs away from me and I have to close processes and restart them. I’ll be honest, I can’t believe that Text view works at all and for the few times it doesn’t, no harm no foul.

I’m getting this error on almost ALL of my feeds:…………
and 20 more…

Yes, about 80% of the feeds I have always used text mode for now give me this message. Here are a few I noticed this morning………

Stil no fix up to now … :frowning:

Please fix it ASAP.

I hate full website layout so much - so have to use phone to read through Instapaper mobilizer.

Please fix this!! Text view is one of two selling points for me (the other being sharing). You effectively broke it a week or two ago. It happens with specific sites - say, Bloomberg, DPreview, Guardian are always broken. Some sites are okay.

That’s great, thanks!!
Back to reading news again

Still failing with a LOT of website (iO9, lifehacker, etc.) and DONT like AT ALL UTF8 or something like that (on my french websites, text extract is horrible sometimes).

It’s working great on Lifehacker. I’m using this site:…

Can’t pinpoint why it fails on some news (I get the comment system stuff instead, and it’s the same with other systems FYI :wink: )

This has been fixed. Thanks for your patience. I was playing whack a mole for a while there.