Sorry, but there was an error trying to share this story.

For months now, I’ve been getting this error 100% of the time using the NewsBlur bookmarklet on Firefox (21.0 on OSX). It’s the same error no matter what page I’m trying to share from.


What’s your username? Are you able to share in NewsBlur proper? What about on the iOS/Android apps?

My NewsBlur username is “Gangles”. I can share from within the NewsBlur website & iOS app just fine, but not when using the bookmarklet (the one listed under “Goodies”) on any external site.

If it’s relevant: I have my browser set to reject third party cookies (though I did add an “always allow” exception for

There’s something about your browser setting, as I can share with no issue. Do you have https-everywhere? That may be the cause, although it shouldn’t be.

I do indeed have https-everywhere. Disabling it for appears to have fixed the issue, thanks!

I can confirm this issue with HTTPSEverywhere, if there’s no time to fix it yet, could you maybe add a note to the Goodies page?

I do not use https everywhere… and I am still having the same issue.

I did just notice that while the Share button does not work in feed mode in Firefox, it DOES work if the story is switched to text mode. Odd. Samuel any ideas?