Sometomes when I login my feeds aren't there, just the stock "new account" feeds

So I have to use IE8 at work. (This might explain everything?)

I created an account and imported my Google Reader feeds, no problem. See them all, like the site’s features, made myself at home, got my Android on, etc.

When I log in at work in the morning, though from a totally new browsing session, I don’t see my feeds, just the 32 “new account” feeds you have (kottke, Waxy, etc.)

I make a sad face, sit around a while, drink my coffee … refresh, once, twice, three times? And then they’re there.

If it’s because of some background fetching process of my feeds, that’s cool, could you put up some sort of “Under Construction” .gif or talking paperclip to let me know?

And I guess take a look at what’s causing it. (Again … IE8. No problems on Chrome at home.)

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Yeah, NewsBlur is 100% not supported on IE8. IE9 is the minimum, I’m sorry to say. It’s just not worth it to fix the bugs for IE8 when IE10 is the current version.