Sometimes training an item produces a malformed, empty "trainer" window.

Sometimes when right-clicking to specifically train an item, I get a training window that appears like this:

I can only escape out of it. I do wait a bit to see if it populates; it doesn’t.


What’s your browser? It should show a loading graphic while loading, so it should give a clue as to whether it’s working or not. Also, can you open the developer console and take a screenshot of any errors?

Firefox 21. Next time I see the behavior, I’ll do as you ask.

I took a snapshot of Firefox’s error console when I next saw the error:

(I’ve never seen a loading graphic in the trainer, even during the periods of time when there’s been a pause before it comes up.)

I frequently see this as well (less so over the past few weeks). It also sometimes shows a partial window. I’ve noticed that the training window is actually there (I have about 10 pixels that I can scroll inside of), so maybe it’s just the code that calculates how large the window should be - maybe it’s calculating the size before the inside has fully loaded.