Something wrong with parsing of feeds - items are lost

So (which is a successor of the now defunct, for those who remember that …) responds with essentially the same content on 4 different feed addresses:

(with differences owing to the differences between rss and atom)

However, when I subscribe to them in newsblur, I get slightly different items from each one, e.g. at this point in time, “nextcloud 15” is listed in the plain http but not in the plain rss; And wine 3.20 is listed in none of them on newsblur, even though I see it when looking directly at the xml (which seems perfectly finely formed to me, and indeed, newsblur does not complain)

This is still happening, e.g. at the time of posting, the first project in the rss is “Gwyddion 2.52”, and the 7th is “FullFIX 0.5.6”, but items 2-6 are not listed.

I’m not sure when this behaviour was introduced - a few months ago when I checked, all items were properly listed. :frowning:

Looks like the feed doesn’t validate, so while NewsBlur tries its best, I can’t guarantee that it’ll catch every story in a malformed feed.

And yes, I’ve been a /. reader since the late 90s, so I remember Freshmeat.

Ah, that explains a lot. Thanks! Reported to them, hopefully they will fix it.

I would like to convert this to a feature request then: Visual indication, on the main feed list, or at least just in the “site statistics” that there is some parsing error, with a link to the w3 validator page; I did look at the “site statistics” before posting this, and there was no complaint about the feed having errors (and thunderbird does show all the stories properly, so assumed the problem was on the newsblur end).