Some articles only show a random part of content

LEFT: article showed at - RIGHT: article showed at original website

Some articles only show a part of the text content (see attached image).

The visibile content is *not* the first part of the article. This makes the reading experience very confusing.

This issue happens in Text mode on (Chrome + Firefox Aurora), and in Story mode with the Android App.

For the articles where I reproduce this problem, switching to alternate modes isn’t a solution. On, Feed mode only shows the article’s description, Story mode doesn’t show anything at all and Original mode shows the website itself. The Android App’s Text mode only shows the article’s description.

Some problematic articles:… (showed in attached image)……………

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Took some time but I figured out a good way to fix this. However, I may unfortunately have to roll it back if I discover that it makes other sites’ Text view less reliable. Enjoy!

Remember that previously cached articles will still load their old caches, so this will only work on newer article text.

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I’ll be launching this within the hour, so give it a bit of time before you check.

After a few testing I confirm the problem has been fixed.

Thanks a lot!