Some Links don't open via

The l.php which Newsblur uses to redirect from the feed-view to linked websites responds with 404-Errors while trying to follow otherwise perfectly fine links.

One Example:

If I remove the prefix “” the link is valid. With the prefix, i get a “404 · NewsBlur can’t find that page”.

The link is from the feed-view of this Japanese site:…

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What the? NewsBlur doesn’t use any php whatsoever. I’ve never seen that URL before. Can you show me where it’s coming from?

Then it might be a specific problem with the site i subscribed to. Just add this feed to Newsblur. Open for example the “Mojipad”-Article in Feed-View an you get this link: iPhoneアプリをダウンロード .
If you view the Website the Link Looks like this.
Maybe the publisher is using relative-links and Newsblur (or Chrome for that matter) substitutes the missing part with its own URL.