some great suggestions

  1. Button to hide side pane for more screen space, and a keyboard shortcut to refresh the feeds, like doing ‘ga’ on Reader.

  2. When in global shared feeds, pressing ‘n’ shouldn’t take you back to next unread in your feeds, cause this happens all the time and drives me nuts!

  3. Story or whatever not showing up in a consistent place in the reading pane, sometimes at top, and sometimes at bottom.

  4. I would like to see just the stories, not a list of them in the reading plane, I used to be able to do that, but now I can’t. I always see the unexpanded list, and I have to click on one to expand it and then start pressing ‘n’ to work my way thru it.

  5. THe service works,and has most of the things that I need, and I appreciate your hard work, thanks.


On #4, I have that now. Do you have Split selected, rather than List?

Yeah, for (4), use Split mode, then Shift-T will hide the title pane. It should also help with (3), though it’s unclear exactly what you’re after.

Re: (1), Shift-u will toggle the folder panel, ‘d’ will return to the dashboard, ‘shift-e’ will open “everything” and ‘r’ will refresh all folders. I usually ‘dr’ when done processing to get to a good “resting” state.

Use ‘?’ to see all the shortcuts.

Re. #4, thats it exactly! Thanks! Now I feel silly…

#1, I know there’s a keyboard shortcut to hide the sidebar/feeds list, but a button to toggle it would be nice, so I don’t have to touch the keyboard.

Thanks Josh, that stuff helps alot.

Don’t have to touch the keyboard? Funny, I *only* want to touch the keyboard. :slight_smile: Different strokes, I guess.

I just fixed #3 a couple days ago. It should now always load at the top. Try’s new Full view, which hides the story titles pane and gives you exactly what you want. #2 is a bug that I’ll have to get to at some point.

D key to return to the dashboard is a really bad idea.
I use S often to save articles and sometimes I derp and mistype D leaving the article read.