Some folders not loading...

Some of my folders aren’t loading since yesterday evening. I have a folder with a number of unread articles in it. I click it, and only get the blinking blue line under the folder name on the right. The list of articles never loads.


What’s your username? I’d love to take a look. It’s undoubtedly related to the new saved story tags.

This problem, today, seems intermittent. Sometimes, everything loads as normal. Other times, some folders never load… just the blinking blue line.

Username is “MattWarner”. Thanks.

Still doing it this morning. I’ve found that if I refresh the page several times, I can get it to work. Could a specific server be the issue and the refresh bounces me to another?

Just a followup… everything appears to be working normally since yesterday late afternoon / evening.

Thank you!

Yep, I just fixed this issue yesterday but I couldn’t find this thread to let you know. Thanks!