Some Flash embeds spill out of feed panel

You can see what I’m talking about here:…. In my experience this is most commonly caused by a lack of the “wmode=‘transparent’” attribute on the embedded Flash, though that’s clearly not something you guys have control over in this case (especially considering that the included screenshot is of embed tags embedded, mid-post, inside their own individual iframes).

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Yeah, very little we can do. Although, you mention the wmode attribute. I am writing a story decomposer that will scrub stories. What does wmode do? If I scrub that attribute, do we get reprieve from this awful Flash bug?

Quite the opposite, actually! Setting an embed’s wmode to “transparent” forces the embed to respect z-index; the default (“window”, I believe) actually forces Flash to _ignore_ z-indexing values and forces the content to the front of the screen.

Inspecting the naughty embeds I came across revealed that they had no such wmode parameter set, and so were defaulting to the layout-breaking “window” value. If you’re writing a scrubber, it might well be possible to detect for and add this attribute yourself, and thereafter write supporting CSS to hide offscreen Flash.

I hope this is of some use!

Can you offer the feed url that this is from? Also, what browser is this in?