Some feeds only updated once a week

I have a few feeds which only seem to be updated very infrequently For example this feed:

Is listed as “Updated 6 days ago”:

Or this one:
“Updated 6 days ago”.

Both Feeds had new articles waiting but I didn’t saw them until I did an “Insta-Fetch”. How does that happen?

I understand that some unpopular feeds are not updated ten times a day but 6 days without an update? I also worry that other sites might be affected but I didn’t notice (yet).

Update: I just noticed that both sites are tagged with “real-time” updates because they use Tumblr and Wordpress. However that doesn’t seem to work properly.


It seems the problem went away somehow. I checked both feeds regularly in the last days and the last displayed updates where never longer then a few hours ago.

I also received updates like expected, maybe there was problem with the “real-time” updates.

Awesome, yeah, there were a couple of these threads floating around. I fixed it and explained the problem is the other thread, but in essence, the cause has been found and fixed. Let me know if you spot any more issues!