Some feeds not updating

I’ve been having an issue this week with a couple of my feeds only updating when I select ‘insta-fetch stories’. When I’m away from the computer for any length of time, checking the site settings shows that it hasn’t tried to fetch the RSS while I was away.

It doesn’t affect all sites; some of my feeds are clearly still updating automatically. At first, I assumed there was a problem with one particular RSS feed (, since it’s disqus, and they break frequently in other ways. But I checked one other site (, and it hadn’t updated in a few days.

The disqus feed issue seriously impacts my usage since it’s high-volume. If it doesn’t update overnight, there’ll be dozens of items that aged off the RSS before I wake up and refresh it manually.

I don’t know if it’s related but the two feeds I know are affected  are the only ones I had at the top level in my feed list. Moving them to a folder didn’t make the problem go away though.

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So once you instal-fetched them they started working fine? I want to get to the bottom of this asap, so let me know if it happens again.

If it does happen again, please show me the url of the feed when opened on the web. And do not instal-fetch it, since that should permanently fix the issue.

No, when I insta-fetch, it retrieves the new items, but it does not start fetching them automatically afterward. If I pull up the site settings, I can see that the 5 recent fetch times it lists under the RSS url are all times I’ve manually hit insta-fetch.

The newsblur site url for one of the affected feeds is


Update: It looks like between 1100 and 1500 UTC, that feed updated on its own roughly once every 70 minutes, which is an obvious improvement, though just doing a manual poll of the same rss feed every 15 minutes from my own machine returned about 60 more new items than newsblur found over the same period, which would indicate that it’s checking less often than new items age off the feed.

I’ll try to leave it alone for a bit and see what happens

I would check the site statistics (right click on the feed title). Show screenshots of that if it’s not consistent with what Statistics show.

Here’s a screenshot from today at 13:43. As you can see, it was updating about once every 70 minutes on Friday, then stopped Friday evening and hasn’t updated since.

Here’s a statistics view from 23:27 yesterday. It looks like after each update, it schedules the next one correctly, but when the time comes, it just stays hung as “next update in just a second” indefinitely until something knocks it loose (Telling it to insta-fetch makes it update right away, but I’ve also seen it suddenly update all on its own while seemingly in response to me poking at

This looks like the comment feed. Do you mean to be subscribed to the comment feed? I can update the feed to point to the right place.

I’m subscribed both to the article feed and also the comment feed. Neither one is updating properly.

I have problems with the Slacktivist feed:

For example, it showed the last item was from 5 days ago and it updates every 1-1,5 hour. If I insta-fetch it, the last few days’ articles suddenly arrive.

That’s exactly what I’m seeing too. I set up a private mirror of the rss feed on my personal website and it’s updating normally, which leads me to believe the problem isn’t something to do with the XML itself.