Some feeds imported from Google Reader are incorrect.

For example, I follow… in Google Reader.

But in NewsBlur, I’m now subscribed to the Telegraph Picture Galleries. (Sorry, can’t find a way to tell the exact URL).


Importing or adding incorrectly subscribes me to the comments feed, rather than the article feed.

Importing resulted in something called Logopond - Identity

Adding it manually worked okay.

Importing which no longer exists added the WordPress news feed. Should have just failed instead of adding something incorrect.

Go to and you’ll see that the RSS feed on that page is for Not much I can do when the feed has a link to an RSS feed. I check the address to see if it is a feed or website, then go to the website and find the first feed. Works pretty well, but sometimes you get oddities like this. imported as comment feed instead of article feed.

Also, the first article in the xkcd blog feed seems to be missing (something to do with characters in the title maybe?).

Both… and failed to import properly and could not be manually added either.

Importing turned into the Streetsblog feed for everywhere, not just SF.

Keep 'em coming. I’m going to be able to look at these tomorrow. I’m thrilled that you’re bringing in a good dataset of feeds, so I might be able to find out the culprit.

I think that’s all of them :slight_smile:

Darn, If I’d realized you need this, I would have sent you the link for the five or six feeds that didn’t import properly from Google Reader too. Sorry. ~Zachary (@zgrant)

Importing or adding adds the abbreviated article feed, rather than the full article feed.