Some feeds don't update on NewsBlur

I’m a premium user.

Some of my feeds never update on NewsBlur. I see them updating on The Old Reader and Feedly, but the are silent on NB.

All the examples I have are Yahoo Pipes feeds. Could you please fix this behavior?

Some of the feeds:……


The first feed you linked just took 2 minutes to load, and the second one shows no items.

So the feeds are kack, not newsblur.

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If the feeds are kack could you also please explain why other RSS readers can fetch items from those feeds?

I think it is because you’re using Yahoo Pipes.
Try the direct links to the feeds.
A 5mn search on Google and I found these, not sure they are the one you’re looking for :……

So much for trying to help.
I’m a user like you;
Returning to my cave :frowning:

Thanks David and Pascal. You were right, the feeds take too long to load. NewsBlur has a timeout of 20s on feed fetching. Other readers do not. The average feed fetches in under 1s, so 20s is ample amounts of time. If a feed takes too long, whether it’s because it’s a big download or has a long latency, then it is not considered OK by NewsBlur.

Thank you for the explanation Samuel. I have many important feeds that I have hand crafted for my own use using Yahoo Pipes and from your response I understand that you have no plans on expanding the timeout in any foreseeable future. That renders NewsBlur not-useable for me. I already started evaluating other options. Are you willing to refund me?

Of course, just email me.

On second thought, please keep the money. And good luck with NewsBlur. You have a very competitive product and I really hope you keep innovating. So long.