Some feedback (cont'ed from Twitter)

First, awesome job on newsblur.

It’s was slow, until I changed preference to show only one item at a time in feed view. Not that really-really-slow situation, but just not as snappy as I wished it would be :slight_smile: Switched to single item view, now it is OK.

j/k get buggy. At least - k. It jumps to next item, but then it snaps back (as if I’d pressed j). It’s not reproducable - just happens from time to time.

Actually, it’s about keyboard for me. [End] has no effect on items list.

In Google Reader ‘m’ shortcut I missed for ages :slight_smile: It would be nice, if it also set focus on oldest unread item.

Also, there is an option in GoogleReader, where you read all you sites, and entries include read ones. NewsBlur shows only unread, when using “ALL SITE STORIES” folder.

I’m *not* cancelling my subscription, though. Keep up good work, Samuel!

Specs: Chrome 22.0.1229.92 m on Windows 7, 64bit (decent i7 M620 with 4GB RAM).

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Awesome feedback. If you’re able to figure out under what conditions the j/k key doesn’t work perfectly, let me know. I’d love to get that sorted out.