Some features Google Reader users might want

As you’re aware a LOT of people will be moving over from Google Reader. So a few things we (well I) miss:

  1. to drag and order my feeds into a specific order I like that is NOT alphabetical only.
  2. to have an email share field for every post - I share a lot of what I read with others via email and NOT via Facebook, etc.
  3. I scroll via the spacebar and at the moment it does not jump remotely far enough at a time and I can’t see any setting to change this - please add a setting to change how far a page jumps when using the spacebar.

So far that is my wishlist but I only started using Newsblur today. So far looking good.


Especially drag and drop would be awesome :slight_smile:

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Also it seems when I read things in Newsblur it does NOT mark them as read in Google Reader? Which won’t be a problem once that dies but it will be a problem when I start to read feeds on my iPhone on a different platform… Hmmm.

It has no sync with Google Reader as it’s a stand alone reader. I’m expecting an API extension to make it Google Reader compatible and most apps to allow you to change the API URL so you can use whatever API you want.

It wouldn’t mark them read in Google since all NewsBlur does is import your feeds, not sync them. I’d suggest taking a look at the NewsBlur iPhone app:

+1 for the ability to drag my feeds/folders into a custom order!

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Thanks Chris J. I downloaded that too now… I used to have Byline (well still do until GR dies proper!) and the reason I had that was that it had an Offline mode. So when you synced it put everything on the iPhone so you could read it on a long flight or on the London Underground (where I spend at least an hour of my day every working day). So yet to find a new RSS reader that can give me that. OR Newsblur: another request please: Offline reading! Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Pre-Newsblur, I did most of my feed reading on my iPhone while offline/on transit too. Loved using Byline for that.

I’m loving Newsblur on both mobile and standard web platforms, but will miss the ability to read offline. I know that’s a big thing to request when things are going so nuts for you right now, but I hope you’ll consider this feature in the future. :slight_smile: Thank you!


Why would there be an API change to make it compatible with an application that will be dead in a few months? Google Reader is being killed off - so no reason to make any changes for compatibility.

For sorting I just use a number before each folder name. Works fine for me, there are more important stuff to worry for now over nitty ajax sorting.

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Yeah, that’s what I did as well :slight_smile:

And for resorting the feeds I exported the OPML again, quickly made the changes in the XML and reimported it. Changes to what feed is in what folder happen rarely, probably the same for folder resorting.

I mean the other stuff would be convenient but I can happily live without them now :slight_smile:

Have you tried pressing ‘e’? that lets you email each story.