Slipped Disc feed broken

This feed seems to be broken. It retrieves fine, and if I look at the RSS directly it looks ok, but seems newsblur can’t parse it (if I set the feed to show all stories, it works for a while and eventually crashes).

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Actually, I think I may have solved the problem myself. Somehow I’d hidden posts by the one author on that blog. Not sure how one even does that, so I’m blaming cat-on-the-keyboard.

So, that still leaves the apparent bug where it eventually crashed trying to display the feed when all entries were hidden. And is there any way to see everything that might be hidden somehow so I can undo that if the cat hid anything else on me?

What do you mean by ‘crashed’? Are you talking about the iOS or Android app or the Web site? If it’s the Web site and your browser crashed, that’s by definition a browser bug rather than anything to do with NewsBlur.  If it’s iOS or Android and you can reproduce the bug, please let us know how!

If you want to see all the training for a given site, on the Web, right-click it (or click the right arrow at the left side of the feed) and choose Intelligence Trainer. On iOS you can tap the gear and then “Train This Site”. Android is probably similar but I don’t have access to it to check.