Slideshow or Gallery mode to passively view feeds.

A slideshow view that randomly (or not) shifts through stories so I can stay up to date on articles passively. Google reader used to have a sort of hidden slideshow function that could be triggered, it would be nice to see something similar here.


Hey now that would be cool! I follow a bunch of feeds from art sites so it would be awesome to be able to kick off a view that maybe displayed the first image found in the description of the RSS item and then continually updated it. But then you get into some issues like, does it mark those items as read as they pass buy and such.

Yeah, I recall that being an issue with the reader. Perhaps an option to mark them as read or not with like a button

As I wrote back when Samuel sent out a user survey however long ago, a Flipboard style story skimmer would be great for smartphones.

This might be a minority view, but I find unread counts and lists of feeds and folders a little taxing on a handheld screen. Would rather flick between pseudorandom story previews. Call it Triage Mode.


I was thinking specifically about the desktop version but that sounds like a good idea too. I feel you on the lists being taxing though.

Heh, that’s what happens when coders do UI. But then I’m a fan of that, being a coder and tech junkie. :slight_smile:

So I want to call attention to this idea again. I still think it would be cool to have. I use 3 screens at work and it would be cool to have Newsblur scrolling through feeds on the screen I use just for newsblur.