Slashdot feed not showing content

The feed for Slashdot ( is not showing any content in the preview pane, most of the time.  On some browsers, I sometimes see a non-RSS view of the story heading.  But most of the time, that pane is blank.
I do see the list of story titles in the other pane, though, and can open them via the context menu.

This is a relatively recent problem, and deleting/readding the site didn’t help.

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Hmm, it looks good to me:

Can you post a screenshot? I wonder if you’re on Story view and you’re having an http-to-https issue.

Okay, I’ve shared 3 side-by-side screenshots with Firefox (left) and Chrome (right).

When I click on the feed:

When I click on an article within the feed:
(Firefox shows a very non-RSS-looking view, Chrome shows a blank pane.)

When I click on an article from a different feed:
(Both browsers show an expectedly-formatted view)

If I open the RSS feed URL directly in Firefox, it looks normal’ish like this:

Yep, you’re in Story view. It’s at the bottom of the screen. Switch to Feed or Text view to see the feed content.

To get around the Story view issue, you’ll want to use http (and not https). Or you can allow “mixed content” on Chrome/Firefox.

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Thanks for pointing that out!  I guess having a setting like that different from feed-to-feed, and me not noticing it, led to a single errant click seemingly “breaking” one feed.