Slack Integration

I’m trying to find a way to share stories that I find with people inside my company.

We use slack as our global messanger, but the only way I can integrate is using the RSS feed importer option. It works very well, but there is too much data that is coming in from it. Its not posted like a simple link in the chat, its posts the RSS with long/short version and dosnt look clean in the post.

I tried to use the “share” button and then use the personal site that is created via newblur, but there is wayyy too much data in each post for the RSS feed.

Ideally, I would like to do this from anywhere, ideally mobile. The problem is there is no other one button click way to do it.

The only real clean way is a multi step process where I have to load the article and copy the link to the article, switch to slack app and find the chat room, and then post it.

Any suggestions to make this cleaner? Ideally I just need a simple one line URL in the RSS feed to be posted, slack will take it from there.


So posts look like this…

But I would like them to look like this…